- Onga, birth 26.06.92. (Yana+Dunkan Nord);  narina, littermate of  Onga and Deniz Scharz Kopf 31.01.91 (Barri-Ansan+Yudit Niet Zev). Excellent type of these females was proved by wins on many dog shows, as well as by their offsprings. Children of these females were successful on many dog shows in Belarus as well as in Russia,  that made our kennel name so well-known.
In 1999 we bought a beautiful brown female  - Abigeil Zielona , birth 09.10.99.(Draif z Lednickiego Zakola +Elfa z Lednickiego Zakola). She turned out  to be not only a fantastic show dog but an excellent producer as well.
Abigeil was the only female who reached Best of Breed title  on huge International dog shows urasia-2001 and  urasia-2003, as well as became the winner of  3 Specialties in years 2001-2002 that were held in Russia and in Belarus.
As a brood bitch  Abigeil  produces the desirable type of Newfoundland. Her children and grand children were bought by the professional breeders, they are widely used  in kennel programs and are excellent  show dogs, winning on many dog shows.
Russian version
As a result of close cooperation with well-known kennels  - "King of Helluland" (Slovakia) and  "Skipper's"  (Hungary), we got in our kennel 3 brood bitches  - from whom we have already got an excellent offsprings, who I hope will continue successfully  the traditions of our kennel of "Champions".
At the moment 15 Newfoundlands live in our kennel, including 5 Veterans.
The owner of the kennel  "Vialiki Miadzvedz"
Filimonova Nadejda 

Our kennel was started in 1992. The kennel Vialiki Miadzvedz was registered in  Belarus by union of several brood bitches under one kennel name. In 1999 the kennel was registered in FCI.
3 excellent brood bitches were the foundation of our kennel:
Yuriy Shestakov Belarus 2004
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